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July 10 2013

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gagcloud, outfit, cool

Image size: 640x640
3680 9804
inspirational, motivational, quote

Image size: 399x495

July 09 2013

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always, yourself, advice

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July 08 2013

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believe, body, friend

Image size: 500x333
9663 1e3b
adorable, beige, black

Image size: 500x345
9665 a259
cute, denmin, dip dye

Image size: 500x359

July 07 2013

9667 204c
cool, cute, fashion

Image size: 500x312
9668 bed2
Hot, american, brunette

Image size: 500x375
1554 9fa5
Big Ben, art, beautiful

Image size: 546x741
9671 51bf
best friend, bestfriend, pretty

Image size: 595x440
9672 9824
80's, 90's, I love it

Image size: 500x514
9674 0ee4
Hot, abs, amazing

Image size: 566x683
9675 e24e
Relationship, adorable, boy

Image size: 500x334

July 06 2013

3142 4f9a
admit it quotes, amazing, anger

Image size: 500x483
9677 4c33
bikini, boutique, clothes

Image size: 499x750
9679 e35c
cross, fashion, girly

Image size: 500x354
9681 43a8
boots, fashion, flowers

Image size: 500x500

July 04 2013

6609 c7bf
Hot, bag, black

Image size: 500x375
6611 8c4d
clothes, clothing, colorful

Image size: 608x814
6613 f6d6
dark, fashion, girl

Image size: 1000x1500
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